The cees dekker Diaries

Rotary motion of DNA rotors on nanopores. Top rated row: raw online video on the Cy5 channel of each rotor. Center row: corresponding solitary-particle localization outcomes of both of those ends of your DNA rotors. The situation of the current body is marked as orange and blue dots, and also the trajectory of The ten frames just before The existing frame is revealed as sound lines.

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To be a human being, I possess the biblical assignment to examine and use everything in creation for the advantage of my neighbour. I never experience any conflict among religion and science. Quite the opposite, my religion stimulates me to do science, for being open up-minded on the globe.’

Nanofabrication of electrodes with sub-five nm spacing for transport experiments on one molecules and steel clusters

2015, discovery that condensin can be a very flexible protein composition; and 1st detection of DNA knots utilizing nanopores

The coiled-coil on the human Rad50 DNA maintenance protein has certain segments of elevated adaptability

Considering the fact that 2000 he moved to one-molecule biophysics and nanobiology, with investigation from DNA supercoiling scientific studies of nucleosomes and DNA restore proteins to DNA translocation via nanopores. Recently his exploration has focused on studying mobile division with microorganisms on chip, whilst his top fascination is inside the direction of knowing synthetic cells.

2000, discovery that nanotubes can have extraordinary massive current densities; settled the controversial difficulty of electronic transport by DNA molecules by measurements of insulating conduct at The only molecule amount; and demonstration of an AFM approach for solitary-molecule manipulation of nanotubes

It appears like you were misusing this aspect by going as well rapid. You’ve been briefly blocked from using it.

But carbon nanotubes have remained a study topic of considerable interest to many. In truth, the outlook on applying carbon nanotubes to make simple equipment, in parts for instance radio-frequency electronics, electronic electronics and flexible electronics, remains dazzling.

FtsZ treadmilling is essential for Z-ring condensation and septal constriction initiation in bacterial cell division

Later on we spoke again briefly since Dekker felt that our dialogue of his religion quickly became purely philosophical, While What's more, it concretely allows him in his function.

2005, discovery of your mechanism of DNA uncoiling by topoisomerase enzymes; discovery of extensive-assortment conformational variations in Mre11/DNA mend complexes; and to start with power measurements over a DNA molecule inside a nanopore

 Lastly, I will briefly sketch a number of our Concepts to examine the building of synthetic cells, particularly our initial measures to ascertain synthetic cell division.

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